Couples Therapy

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Individual Therapy
  • may be intertwined with  physical health challenges and pain, that impair quality of life and aren't fixable

  • for women, especially - how physical aging lowers self-esteem and perceived identity

  • disappointment/despair over perceived lack of achievement in life

  • coping with losses of those who may have been in someone's life for half a century or more, e.g.,  lifelong partner, an adult child, parents, siblings

  • emotional isolation - grieving in a "grief-denying" culture

  • identity loss, especially if one had been a caregiver ... "What do I do now? Where do I go from here?"

  • the unanticipated physical and emotional toll 

  • the loneliness and isolation - no time for friends or fun; may feel that life is passing one by

  • the frequently strained family dynamics

Family Conflict
  • shame, grief and anger when estranged from adult children and grandchildren

  • longtime patterns of hurtful arguing and/or avoidance that don't change

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