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Therapy services

for adults in

the second half of life.

Dr. Debra Howard, LCSW
"Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been."
-David Bowie

Have you been feeling for some time that your life has taken a wrong turn? 

Perhaps you wonder what has happened to the life of your hopes and dreams. 

As an adult, you’ve done the “right” things: working hard, maybe raising a family, maybe being a caregiver now.

But it hasn’t turned out like the storybooks. 

Too many hurts and disappointments over the years have led to too much stress and an aching heart.

Thinking about the future brings fear and worry.  


It doesn’t have to stay this way. 


Imagine that your life will get better.

Imagine being able to turn down the volume of the criticism and doubts that fill your head.

Imagine feeling calmness more often than not. 

Imagine a life with a lot less anger and guilt, and a lot more of cherishing the relationships you have. 

Imagine knowing your moments of stress and sadness will be balanced with longer stretches of joy and hope. 

Imagine feeling a deep appreciation for your life.   

Make the second half of your life
the best half ...

Thanks for reaching out. We will be in contact shortly.

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